Upcoming events and past events

Upcoming events:

May 28- Recital Einder - Hoogezand

Concert with my new ensemble: piano-player Nynke Eekhof en accordeonist Gertie Bruin. Take a look at our brochure.

September/ October 2017 - La Serva Padrona

I will star as Serpina in De Faam De Baas, a translation in Dutch and Frisian from the Italian opera buffa La Serva Padrona by Pergolesi. www.opery.nl



Past Concerts

May 21 - Cantateconcert - Leeuwarden

With the Leeuwarder Bachvereniging Cantate BWV 150. Conductor Geke Bruining. Location Mennonitechurch Leeuwarden, at 15:00.

May 2017 - Orphée et Euridice

In May I will star as L'Amour in the opera Orphée et Euridice. Soon there will be more information at Poly Hymnia.

May 5th - Songs about the Sea - Suwâld

Concert with Songs about the Sea. I will sing with accordeon-player Gertie Bruin, and together with a Shantychoir and children of the local primary-school.

May 4th -  'Annelies' by J. Withbourn - Heerenveen

April 30th - 'Annelies' by J. Withbourn - Sneek

With Toonkunstkoor Heerenveen I will sing as a soloist this oratorium, written in 2004. Annelies is a choral work for soprano soloist, choir and instrumentalists. The libretto is compiled and translated from The Diary of Anne Frank. Annelies is the full forename of Anne Frank, now commonly referred to by her abbreviated forename, Anne. For more information about the choir, visit this page.

March/April 2017 - Concerts with the Dutch Bach Ensemble

During March and April next year I will perform the Bach's Mattheus Passion and Johannes Passion with the NBA. We will also perform the special JP Small. 

March/April 2017 - De Reisopera - Don Giovanni

I will join the Reisopera-choir in performing Mozart's Don Giovanni. For more information, take a look at this website.

February 2017 - Requiem by Andre Campra - Warnser Bach Ensemble

Conductor: Pauli Yap. Concert in Leeuwarden, Easterlittens and Joure. For more information, take a look at podium frysKlassiek.

January 2017

Try-out and first concert of my new ensemble with piano-player Nynke Eekhof en accordeonist Gertie Bruin. Take a look at our brochure.

January 2017 - lute-recital - Leeuwarden

'Houseroom-concert' with lute-player Lex van Sante. Music by Purcell, Strozzi and Cohen.

December 10 - 18 - tournee - Messiah - Cantatrix

For more information, visit the website of Cantatrix.

December 14th and 16th - Magnificat, Vivaldi - Haren

With the Harens Lyceum, conductor Kirsten Holwerda.

November 27- Assen - Asser Bach Cantategroep

Soloist in Bach's Cantate 'Nun komm der Heiden Heiland', conductor Hoite Pruiksma. See this website for more information.

November 26 - Appingedam - Toonkunstkoor Delfzijl

Ein Deutsches Requiem - Brahms. For more information, visit this website.

November 6 - Hoogeveen - Collegium Vocale Drenthe

I will sing cantates BWV 72 and BWV 77. For more information, visit this website.

July 16 - Haarlem - Carmina Burana and music by Daan Manneke

Orff's Carmina Burana and the contemporary piece L'Aube by Daan Manneke. With the choir Consensus Vocalis, conducted by Klaas Stok.

June 24 - Zwolle - recital with Luth

Recital with luth-player Lex van Sante. In guitar-shop 't Speeltuygh. Music by Mudarra, Moulinié, Purcell and Amy Winehouse.

June 9 – Groningen – recital
Recital with songs about the Sea. Accompanied by Carline Kunst. At the University of Groningen. For more information, check this website.

June 10 to 15 - Blokhuispoort Leeuwarden - Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Theatre group Broos plays DE KUS VAN DE SPINVROUW, a dutch adaptation of the novel by Manuel Puig.

PLAY: Ton Kemp en Matthijs van Dieren
MUSIC: Elizabeth Kooy en Lex van Sante
DIRECTION: Gooitsen Eenling

May 4 - Leeuwarden – Remembrance concert

Remembrance concert in the “Grote Kerk” in Leeuwarden, with the Leeuwarder Bachvereniging. During this concert I sang songs of Ilse Weber, written in concentration camp Theresienstadt.

March- Mattheus Passion - Nederlands Bachacademie

Conducted by Hoite Pruiksma. For more information, check this website. Concerts in Leeuwarden, Amsterdam, Zandvoort en Monnickedam.

March - JP Small - Nederlandse Bachacademie

Johannes Passion by Bach, theater version and adaptation performed at schools in the Netherlands. Conducted by Hoite Pruiksma. Director: Gooitsen Eenling.

February - Friesland - Warnser Bach Ensemble

Concert 'The Scarlatti Family' conducted by Pauli Yap. Music by Francesco, Alessandro en Domenico Scarlatti. For more information, check this website.




December 2015 - Messiah van Händel - Assen, Dalfsen, Leeuwarden, Nijmegen
Concerts with the Margaretha Consort. You can watch some parts of the performance over here.

November 8th - Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen - Muziek in het Odensenhuis
Performance of the project 'Muziek in het Odensenhuis'. Music written and performed by artist, inspired by people with dementia. Community-art project with the Prins Claus Conservatoire and people living with dementia.  'Muziek in het Odensenhuis'. Leader of the project:  Anthony Heidweiller.

November - Appingedam - J. Haydn, Missa in Honorem Beatissima Virginis Mariae
With Toonkunstkoor Delfzijl conducted Vincent Hensen.

October 8th - Hoogeveen - Collegium Vocale Drenthe

Cantates van J.S.Bach. BWV 30, BWV 67 en BWV 99. See the website of Collegium Vocal Drenthe

25th /26th of July – recital – Friesland

Together with pianist Lies Braakman I performed a recital. “I'm a person too”, with music by Bernstein. Poulenc and Tom Sol.

July – music-theater – Grachtenfestival Amsterdam

At the Grachtfestival I performed in the 'Theaterroute' with the play 'de Apentafel' written by Luuk Imhann, with music by Huygens and Gubaidulina.

June /July – Maginifcat by Rutter – Groningen, Leeuwarden and Bologna

With Bragi, conducted by Jeroen Helder.

March-June – Music-play – Friesland

Music-play 'Maria Louise'. Director Gooitsen Eenling. Music by Händel, Purcell and Honneger.

March - Johannes Passion with the Dutch Bach Academy  

Next to the 'normal ' Johannes Passion we also performed a special theater play, the JP Small: Bach's work combined with stories of fugitives. For pictures, take a look at this website

January 25th – Bachcantates - Asser Bach Cantegroep

Bach-cantate: ‘Wär Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit’ (BWV 14), Soprano solo: Unsre stärke heißt zu schwach. For more information, see website.

January 10th and 11th – Bachcantates

Bachcantates by the Nederlandse Bach Academie, conducter Hoite Pruiksma. Click here for more information.






December 19th – recital – Groningen

Regnerus Steensma-lecture, music-intermezzo with Gerwin Hoekstra (organ). See website.

December 19th- Christmasoratorio - Groningen
Christmasoratio 'Ein Ros' by Geert Kuiper. See website.

December 14th – Christmasconcert - Westereen


November 29th – Bach-cantates - Appingedam

Cantate BWV 61 - Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, Cantate BWV 79 - Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild, Mis in G, BWV 236. Conductor Vincent Hensen.See website.

November 23th – Bach-cantate - Asser Bach Cantategroep

Cantate BWV 70 - Wachet, betet, seid bereit allezeit. Conductor Reind de Vries.You can watch this cantate on youtube.

August 2th - recital – Sint-Joriskerk- Amersfoort
Organ-recital, with Gerwin Hoekstra. Compositions by Bach, Huygens, Honegger en Vierne. See website.

July 27th - recital Doopsgezinde Kerk - Leeuwarden
Recital with Gerwin Hoekstra (organ) and Lyanne van Westen (violin). Aria's by Händel, Bach, Honegger en Vierne. See website.

May – Opera 'De IJsvorstin' – Leeuwarden

I performed at the world-première of the opera De IJsvorstin, by Tryater, music by Peter Sijbenga, staged by Ira Judkovskaja, conducted by Tjalling, role of Roos and Prinses. For more information, take a look at this website.